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I am so sorry 😐, but at this time I am no longer able to take any new clients....Elizabeth has been able to help me take care of several more clients, especially our “multiple dog stops”, but we are still having a hard time getting to everybody in a timely manner....I think for right now, I need to just stick to all my “regular/scheduled peeps”... I don’t mind working hard, but when our “normal” gets into 11-12 hrs of working a day/6days a week, I gotta start backing off a little... ... See MoreSee Less

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Get another truck!

Tatiana needs to learn to be a groomer!!!! She could run my 2nd truck!! 🤪

Right I'll tell her

Train me! I am not scared to work hard! Lol

Well if you weren't so dang good... 😉

I sure hope we fall in the norm! Don't know what we would do without you. Joe, Moe, and Zeke would be a mess. Stop by sometime, non work related. Cheers!

Our boys love Julie! 😃

Just glad it has worked out well for you.

Time to get another truck... expand!

On that note.....Schatzie looks like a wooly booger. I've been meaning to call you because I know I have to get in line. She misses her Aunt Julie.

You and me both! 12 hour days, 6 days a week is what I’m doing to. I’m exhausted!!!! I wish there were more competent, reliable groomers that we could hire.

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I am soo very sorry to everyone, but this flu season

has really hit us very hard:(
Can’t get into a lot of details, but as soon as everybody is healthy, and stable, I’ll be calling everybody back to reschedule....
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Feel better!

Take care of yourselves!

Feel better I am down to with the flu Take tamiflu Drink fluids

Get well! Lots of that stuff going around

Had that Flu or something & I coughed so much!! Finally got well !! Cant beat that Musinex DM

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Elizabeth has worked with me at the vet clinic for over 10yrs, and is a 20yrs + Vet Tech!!!!
We work really well together, and most everyone will recognize her!!!
I'm hoping to team up with her and maybe start a second grooming van soon:) She's more than qualified for the position....
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Sammy wants to see you!

So, as everybody already knows already, I had to have surgery last week, I'm up and running again this week.... thanks to my best friend, Elizabeth:) ... See MoreSee Less

So, as everybody already knows already, I had to have surgery last week, Im up and running again this week.... thanks to my best friend, Elizabeth:)

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Elizabeth to the rescue!

Are you taking new clients?

Schatzie is waiting patiently for her appt time. She is stinky and looks like a woolly booger. After her last shearing, I thought she would never have hair again.

Well guys, I had to have emergency surgery last night to remove my gallbladder😐
I'm feeling pretty good now, but I'm not going to be able to work for about a week. I'm very sorry for any inconvenience that this causes anyone. Please bear with me as I get some of y'all rescheduled🙂
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Sending prayers your way.

Healing prayers...

Get plenty of rest.

Oh Julie. Feel better soon!